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Live in Relationship

Live in Relationship
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The Live in Relationship is a term, in which two of another gender live, or have sex (if they are above 18+) without marriage. Which had started by the western countries in the late 20th century. And arrived to the Asia, Middle-east, South Asia, South East Asia and Africa etc.

Or, if you look at the status of the Indian continent. Then it is not quite popular there in the majority area. It is considered sin to live in or have a Sex without Marriage as a whole.

At the same time, it is quite normal to live in or have a Sex with Multiple partners without Marriage in the Big cities. Like, New Delhi, South Delhi, Delhi-NCR, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Mangalore, and Hyderabad.

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Is Live in Relationship Legal in India?

Well, if you look at the history of it. You will find that, there’s no concept exists in the India, or Even in the Asia. But, when the people’s started getting Rich or middle-class or Independent day-by-day in terms of finance, lack of monthly Income etc. Then they have got a chance to live independently of the family, relatives etc.

Or, if you see. Is it legal in India or not? Then you will find that, it is totally Legal and allowed by the Supreme Court of India few years ago. (However, there are another things that, the Court got criticized by majority of the citizens against allowing these types of activity). Anyway, with the one condition, your age should have above 18+ to live in or Sex, Intercourse.

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Furthermore, recently, the High Court of Allahabad made the statement that on recent unfortunate incident happens in the Ghaziabad.

Where’a guy was already married, at the same time live-in-relationship with colleague. After the colleague known He is already a married and got cheated, died by suicide.

Today’s young age of People not following it properly. As they have become the like Animal, whose change their multiple (Sex) Partners.

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Animal Relationship
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And, alleged directly to the Hindi Films, or Web Series for encouraging to involved in to do these types of activity. Further, said that having a Married is ensured you to security, social acceptance, and stability.

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Advantages of stay in relationship?

Well, if you see the actual advantages for being in the live-in-relationship. Then, You will have the options to, whether, provide the financial support to the partner or not. On the other hand, disadvantages to this, while live in living-in-relationship, having a baby.

The Couple while Sex Period
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Then you must have to provide the accommodations, foods, medical facilities, and maintenances for the Baby in the Rupees, or USD Dollars, Euros, Pounds etc. As there are no options by doing that as per instructed by the Supreme Court of India.

Live in relationship is good or bad?

Well, if you talk about the good or bad, when it comes to live-in-relationship. Then, there’s a less good, (specially if you are living in the country like India). As you do not have the responsibility to maintain the financial support, or relationship toward the partners for a long and make the multiple partners at the same time.

But, the Bad into this is, as you have to stay away from your family, or relatives and hide it to them. As, it is still not considering good at the majority level people’s of the India. On the other hand, you may have the difficulties to maintain the loyalty towards your legal Wife, or Husband, when you got Marriage in the advance.

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Can I live in relationship without divorce?

When it comes to live-in-relationship without divorce? Then, according to the Indian Law of 1955 Hindu Code Bill (in which comes Sikhs, Buddhist, Jain). They have not permitted to have any extra marital affairs, or live-in-relationship without a divorce to your Wife or Husband. As it is considering heavy crime and will be punished for a year.

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On the other hand, if you belong to the others religions like Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrianism. Then, you may option to live-in-relationship without divorce[Note: but wait still you have to ask your wife or husband for this, according to these religions laws, as they do not come under the 1955 Hindu Code Bill].


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