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Rania Khalek

Rania Khalek

Rania Khalek is a left-leaning, left-wing pro-Palestine and President Biden supporter journalist based in Breakthrough News of the United States of America.

She used to criticize Israel or Israeli Netanyahu Government for alleged attack over Hamas-Hezbollah and Palestine. And make him responsible for destroying thousands of innocent Palestinians.

Moreover, some of the Lebanese, through her podcast (Dispatches), called the local labenes, Palestinian journalists, social workersor activists.

Apart from, She show the concern about the USA foreign policy to support the Israel and use as a tools to just making sure that how big and powerful America is in the 21st century.

Anyway, Miss. Khalek also co-host the famous show (unauthorized disclosure). Where she used to discuss about the social issues, political crisis, War in Russia-Ukrain and unrest in the Middle East, Europe etc. with her special guests in the podcast cum interview.

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Personal Life

Name:Rania Khalek
Profession:Left wing, so called secular Journalist and Podcaster
Educational Qualification:Graduate from Mass Communication
Sexual Orientation:Lesbian, Bisexual
Birth Place:Lebanon
Hometown:New York, USA
Birth’s Year:1986
Parents:Mr. & Mrs. Khalek
Boyfriend (s):Roberts Peterson
Husband (s):Roberts Peterson
Children (s):N/A
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Rania Khalek Journalist to Podcaster journey

Well, the left wing cum so called American Journalist began her journalism with the known News Channel (Breakthrough News) in 2021. Prior to work in some of the reputed channel also.

Along with, she come down to the Internet Media also. As it is normal for the journalists or entrepreneurs to do so not only in USA but around the Globe.

Anyway, she co-host the show called ‘Unauthorized Disclosure’ where she used to discuss about certain agenda or Issues in America. To get to know more: consider the above references, where We’ve talk about it in details.

Rania Khalek Age, Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Age:38 Years Old
Weight:130 Pounds
Body Measurements:Chest: 36 Inches; Belly: 26 Inches; Waist: 36 Inches
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Rania Khalek Net Worth

Well, Khalek is a journalist; it is a fact, at the same time, she is not a big name in the USA media industry. For instance, Tucker Carlson.

She just worked in some of the smaller employees media channels. And one of them is Breakthrough News, where she is currently working. Moreover, co-host the podcast Unauthorized disclosure.

However, despite the Jr. kind journalist, she made annually around 500 to 700 thousand dollars by setting the agenda over the different ideology people. For example, Right Wing, American Nationalist, Orthodox Christian and mostly Trump supporters.

Favorite Things
Politician (s):Barack Hussein Obama (former president, United States of America), Joe Biden (president, USA)
Political Inclination (s):Democrats
Hobbies:Reading Books
Author:Robert Spencer
Foods/Cuisines:Chipotle, Arabic Cuisines, Pizza, Burger, Cow, Buffalo (Beef)
Sports:Football, Basketball
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