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Seth Andrews

Seth Andrews

Seth Andrews is a popular activist and author of several best-selling books. He was the former Radio Jockey (RJ) of the United States of America.

Currently, he is an atheist as well as an agnostic, as before he was an extreme-thinking evangelist. He used to talk only about Jesus Christ on his radio.

However, He currently he spread the awareness of how to stay away from the Pastor and its propoganda things. And expose the so called Social activist Mother Teresa by calling the experts (Aaron Ra, Forrest Valkai, Douglas Murray, Beth Presswood etc.) on his famous YouTube Channel.

Moreover, the Seth also made a program where he discuss the policy regarding the extremist, Asian American in USA made by the Democrats as well as Republican Party.

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Personal Life

Name:Seth Andrews
Occupation:Former RJ, Activist, Author, Speaker and YouTuber
Religion:Ex-Christian, Atheist & Agnostic
Month and Year of Birth:July, 1968
Birth Place:Oklahoma
Parents:Mr. & Mrs. Andrews
Girlfriend (s):Natalie Andrews
Wife:Mrs. Natalie Andrews

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The Thinking Atheist, Seth Andrews

The former Radio Jockey and current Seth Andrews runs a YouTube Channel named the thinking atheist by Seth Andrew. Where he used to discuss on the topics of evangelist Christians as well as political or society issues in details.

Seth Andrews Family

Mr. Seth was born into an extreme Christian family with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrews. And followed this cult till his 30 to 35 Years of the Crucial Age and left the religion a few decades ago and he is a proper human being as Atheist.

Anyway, he is a married man and has a beautiful girlfriend cum Wife Mrs. Andrews. And when it comes to a baby boy or girl then he doesn’t own yet.

Favorite Things
Politician (s):Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton
Political Inclination:Democrats
Author:Aaron Ra
Actors:Tom Cruise
Actress:Jennifer Lopez
Seth Andrew’s Net Worth

Mr. Andrews is not quite richest person as many people maybe wondering that he is making millions of dollars following being in the Atheist activism.

He has not a several sources of Income except few like YouTube Channel earning and Subscription or royalty of his Books he wrote and made published.

However, if you acquire the knowledge on the basis of what we have,. Then it would be approximately . 100 to 150 dollars, along with other sources of Income like paid promotion, sponsorship and so on.

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