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Briahna Joy Gray

Briahna Joy Gray

Briahna Joy Gray is a known personality and Digital Media Journalist of the United States of America. She is a sharp and straight forward journalist get into the depths of the News event etc.

Mostly, discuss about the Politics of Democrats or Republican party agenda for USA interest. And their geopolitics in South China Sea, Taiwan, Ukraine, Middle East.

Moreover, Candidature for 2024 presidential election for Donald Trump, Robert Kennedy, Vivek Ramaswamy, Nikki Hayley and so on.

Recently, Miss Briahna asked in the popular show Rising, straight-forward questions from the studio of The Hills to Robert Kennedy (who was the name of presidential candidate for Democrats) about his views on USA Politics.

Further, inflation and Welfare Scheme for Americans, America stands for China, India, Ukraine, Middle East, Saudia, Iran, Russia or North Korea.

And how He is going to lead the USA on the first front. Also covers the news from the American Congress or Congressman unrest straight from The Hills Studio through the Sources received.

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Personal Life

Name:Briahna Joy Gray
Profession:Lawyer, Journalist, Invester and Entrepreneur
Educational Qualification:Graduates from Harvard in 2003-07
Month, Day and Year of Birth:Aug 15, 1985
Birth Place:New York, USA
Hometown:Washington DC, USA
Parents:Mr. & Mrs. Gray
Children (s):Not Yet
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Briahna Joy Gray Journey from Harvard to Lawyer, Journalist

The beautiful lady cum lawyer or journalist Miss Briahna Joy Gray had earned the Degree from the known or famous Academy Harvard University in approx. 2003 to 2007 at the age of 18 to 22.

Later on, get into the most hectic Job journalism straight from Education of Journalism. And appeared in several American Media Houses. However, She is currently working in the reputed print, Online Media House The Hills.

Where, She does the show accompanied with Robby Soave in the afternoon and evening. Discuss about the Day events in America or around the Globe.

Briahna Joy Gray: Age, Height, Body Measurements, Eye-Hair Color

Age:38 Years Old
Weight:130 Pounds
Body Measurements:Breast size: 36 Inches; Belly size: 24 Inches; Waist size: 34 Inches
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Skin Color:Pure Black
Briahna Joy Gray Net Worth

Well, when you talk about the Net Worth of the Briahna, then it is a fact that She worked and has the successful journalism career in the Top USA Media House ‘The Hill’. Where she holds the top positions and seen in the prime show or debate.

Howeve, if you still analyse the Net Worth on the basis of designation she own. Then it could be approx. 300 to 400 thousand dollars including other sources of Income. For instance, Investment, Entrepreneurship etc.

Favorite Things
Political Inclination:Democrats
Politician (s):Barack Hussein Obama (former president), Joe Biden (President)
Hobbies:Traveling, Reading Books
Author:Robert Kiyosaki
Sports:Football, Basketball
Actors:Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez
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