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Arif Aajakia

Arif Aajakia
Credits: Arif Aajakia (Instagram)

The Arif Aajakia is (Born. 1968) a Businessman, Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Social-Human Activist as well as a former Pakistani Politician.

As, he raised the voice on his YouTube Channel or at ground level in Jeneva, United Nation, London, Paris and so on, for the prosecuted peoples of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Pak Occupied Kashmir, in short (POK). And Sindh (where he comes from).

Social Activist
Credits: Arif Aajakia (Instagram)

Also, the victim of minority in Pakistan for worships or follow their gods. For the awareness of minority, he has also visited many times in India and an India state, Gujarat (where his ancestors belonged to).


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Personal Life

Name:Arif Aajakia
Occupation:Businessman, Entrepreneur, Banker, Social-Human Activist, YouTuber
Educational Qualification:Graduate
Date of Birth:In 1968
Place of Birth:Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Hometown:London, England
Dad/Mom:(Name Not Known)
Siblings:Sister's: 2 (Name not Known), Brother's: 1 (Name not Known)
Wife:(Name Not Known)
Children's:Daughter's: (Name Not Known), Son's: (Name Not Known)

Arif Aajakia Pakistani Mayor

The Aajakia has been the businessman, entrepreneur, and social Activist. Along with, he has served as a mayor in Karachi, Pakistan.

However, there's another thing he has not been the long time mayor as he is a straight forward was made a comment or statement on the Pakistani establishment on different-different issues.

Therefore, lastly left the Pakistan on the suggestion of his closet relatives, friend, and family because of the security concern.

Later on, moved to Paris, France with wife and family and became the decent citizen of the country, but currently living in the capital of England or Great Britain.

The Activist

The Aajakia Family

The Aajakia is born in Muslim family, raised in Middle-East and belonged to a Sindh Province State of Pakistan.

And, Aajakia's Dad (Name Not Known) was a Businessman or Banker. At the same time, Mom (Name Not Known) was a Homemaker.

Along with, he as a wife (Homemaker), Sons or Daughters, who's doing a job as well as living with Mr. and Mrs. Aajakia in London, England or Great Britain.

Aajakia's wife
Some facts about Aajakia
Watching Movies:N/A
Social Activity:Yes
Watching News:Yes
Mr. Aajakia Net Worth

Aajakia Net worth: as banker, entrepreneur, or businessman he has made the decent amount of money. But now he has totally depended upon his work on YouTube, Facebook etc. as he is touched the 55th Years Old.

Arif Aajakia

However, if we look at the Net Worth of the Businessman. It would be approx. from 1.80k Dollar to 200k Dollar including other sources of Income. For Instance, direct funds etc.

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