Sumit Peer: Wikipedia, Kashmiri, Education, Twitter, Parents, LinkedIn, Family, Biography, Political Analyst, Age, Religion, Net Worth

× × × Sumit Peer The Sumit Peer (Born. 27th July 1975) is known socio-religious, political analyst and former Multi National Companies, employee, manager person. And who have been in the countries like Türkiye, China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, UK, USA and most years spent in the Singapore as an employee. Further, currently living in the India, … Read more

Aditi Tyagi: Age, Biography, Boyfriend, Wiki, Husband, Children, YouTuber, Net Worth

Aditi Tyagi The Aditi Tyagi (Born. 27th July 1983) is the well-known straight forward, brave Television Journalist, Writer, and now YouTuber of the India, that is Bharat. Who started the journalism journey from the Paris, France. And after a decade, decided to visit the home country, Bharat. Further, worked for the known India Today Sports, … Read more

Sanjay Dixit (IAS): Age, Wikipedia, Wife, Son, Biography, Jaipur Dialogues, Congress, Family, Children, Net Worth

Sanjay Dixit The Sanjay Dixit (Born. 20th Aug 1960s) has been the successful Marine Engineer in Merchant Navy, and IAS, Author/Writer of many Books and one of popular is ‘UnBreaking India’. But now currently running a YouTube Channel named ‘The Jaipur Dialogues’. Where owns a million of subscribers, and views. In which, cover the topics … Read more

Subuhi Khan: Age, Advocate, Biography, Boyfriend, Husband, Children, Wiki, Net Worth

× × × Subuhi Khan The Subuhi Khan (Born. 23rd Oct 1985) is the Social Worker, Activist, Motivational Speaker, Supreme Court Senior Advocate, Nationalist, Socio-Religious, Political Commentator and Media Personality of the India. Who used to participate in the evening prime-time shows of the News Channels. For instances, Zee News, News Nation, Republic Bharat, Times … Read more

Shayan Ali: Biography, Girlfriend, Age, Height, Wikipedia, Net Worth

Shayan Ali The Shayan Ali (Born. 29th Sep 2004) is the Fashion Model, Event Host, Musician, Socio-Religious, Political commentator, right wing supporter, and Influential Media Personality of the Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Further, the influential leave the Home country Pakistan at very young Age. After being tortured (To make a propaganda song in a so-called support … Read more

Fiza Khan (Akbar): Anchor Wikipedia, News, Pakistani Journalist, Age, Height, Instagram, Biography, Boyfriend, Facebook, Husband, Net Worth

× × × Fiza Khan The Fiza Khan (Born. 23 Oct 1984) is the Pakistani Senior Female Journalist. Known for the loudly anchoring and news reading and only making propaganda to their neighboring countries like Afghanistan, Iran, India, Sri Lanka etc. Unfortunately, doing only in the Pakistani News Studious not in the Public. The anchor … Read more

Amber Zaidi: Age, Wikipedia, Husband, Shia or Sunni, BJP, Married, Biography in Hindi, YouTuber, Family, Contact Number, Boyfriend, Nationality, Movies, Instagram, Height, Net Worth

× × × Amber Zaidi The Amber Zaidi (Born. 26th Oct 1990) is an intellectual Muslim Woman, Social Worker, Socio-religious, political commentator and known YouTuber of the India. And, who used to run a popular show called It’s Debatable by inviting the known personalities. From different-different categories-fields to the India and Pakistan. Further, usually seen … Read more

Sajid Tarar: Age, Biography, Advocate, Business, Wikipedia, Twitter, Family, Wife, Daughter, Son Wedding, Twitter, Net Worth

× × × Sajid Tarar The Sajid Tarar (Born. 12th Aug 1973) is the reputed advocate, socio-religious commentator, and the member of the large political ‘Republican Party’ of the United States of America. As Mr. Tarar known for the right wing and extreme nationalist view. Whether, it is in the USA or Pakistan (Where they … Read more

Nazia Elahi Khan (Najia): Biography, Wikipedia in Hindi, Profession, Advocate, Real Name, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Age, Husband Name, Father Name, Contact Number, Family, Biodata, Latest News, Net Worth

Nazia Elahi Khan

× × × Nazia Elahi Khan Nazia Elahi Khan Najia is a very young senior lawyer of the Supreme Court of India, former spokeswoman of TMC and current Bengal BJP spokeswoman. The Elahi is kind, very straightforward, right-wing (Before Secular, Liberals, left, etc. during the time in TMC as a worker, or spoke person), and … Read more

Yana Mir: Age, Wikipedia, BJP, Biography, YouTube, Husband Name, Instagram, Kashmir News, Pakistan, Religion, Net Worth

Yana Mir

× × × Yana Mir The Yana Mir (Born. 7th July 1992) is the known Journalist, speaker, social activist-worker, editor-in-chief of The Real News Kashmir and YouTuber of the India. Where mostly speak upon the Kashmiri People rights, politics, security forces, India-Pakistan relation and the latest event happens in India including the World on the … Read more

Qamar Cheema: Age, Biography, YouTube Channel, Twitter, Education, Family, Pakistani Journalist, Wife, Girlfriend, Wiki, Religion, Net Worth

× × × Qamar Cheema The Qamar Cheema (Born. 27th January) is the Professor, Debater, Speaker, and popular YouTuber of reputed country of the Pakistan. Where, used to cover the latest topics and discuss on YouTube Channel. Furthermore, mostly seen to be presenting the point of view as a panelist of his country on Indian … Read more

Shaila Khan: Age, Wikipedia, Biography, YouTuber, Naila Pakistani, Height, Boyfriend, Husband, Instagram, Date of Birth, Marriage, Net Worth

Shaila Khan

× × × Shaila Khan The Shaila Khan (Born. 5th July) is the on growing YouTuber of the Punjab, Pakistan. Who, mostly cover the topics of society, culture, trade, people to people relation and relation between India-Pakistan etc. For instances, border dispute, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), Indian Kashmir, Pakistan Gray List in International Monetary Funds … Read more