Qamar Cheema: Age, Biography, YouTube Channel, Twitter, Education, Family, Pakistani Journalist, Wife, Girlfriend, Wiki, Religion, Net Worth

× × × Qamar Cheema The Qamar Cheema (Born. 27th January) is the Professor, Debater, Speaker, and popular YouTuber of reputed country of the Pakistan. Where, used to cover the latest topics and discuss on YouTube Channel. Furthermore, mostly seen to be presenting the point of view as a panelist of his country on Indian … Read more

Shaila Khan: Age, Wikipedia, Biography, YouTuber, Naila Pakistani, Height, Boyfriend, Husband, Instagram, Date of Birth, Marriage, Net Worth

Shaila Khan

× × × Shaila Khan The Shaila Khan (Born. 5th July) is the on growing YouTuber of the Punjab, Pakistan. Who, mostly cover the topics of society, culture, trade, people to people relation and relation between India-Pakistan etc. For instances, border dispute, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), Indian Kashmir, Pakistan Gray List in International Monetary Funds … Read more

Sana Amjad: Age, Wikipedia, Height, YouTube, Instagram, Biography, Facebook, Birthday, Latest Video, Twitter, Pakistani YouTuber, Feet, Boyfriend, Husband Name, Children, Contact Number, Net Worth

× × × Sana Amjad The Sana Amjad (Born. 90s) is the popular YouTuber as well as Journalist of Pakistan. Who worked as a sport reporter in Ohio and former programmer host in Urdu Point and Jaag Tv CNBC, Aab Takk and so on & on. Along with, currently runs a YouTube Channel with own … Read more

Shoaib Chaudhary (Choudhary): Real Entertainment, Tv, Pakistan, News, Wikipedia, YouTuber, Age, Biography, Twitter, Cast, Wife, Instagram, Missing, Movies, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Shoaib Chaudhary

× × × Shoaib Chaudhary The Shoaib Chaudhary (Born. 90s) is the known Pakistani YouTuber cum local self-claimed journalist since few years ago. Who basically cover the crucial topics of underrepresented groups rights in Pakistan. Who face the discrimination on the basis of their belief. Which is unfortunately happened with the underrepresented groups (Christians, Sikhs, … Read more

Ribaha Imran: Age, Wikipedia, News, Biography, YouTube, Facebook, Boyfriend, Husband Name, Children, Wiki, Net Worth

× × × Ribaha Imran The Ribaha Imran (Born 25th May 1995*) is a famous known Journalist and YouTuber of Punjab (Pakistan). Who currently runs a YouTube Channel with her name ‘Ribaha Imran’. The YouTuber mostly discuss or debate around the relation between India and Pakistan conflict, politics, social activities and Issues of Pak Occupied … Read more

Aaliya Shah: Age, Biography, Pakistani Journalist, YouTuber, Krpkab, Religion, Instagram, Boyfriend, Family, Husband, Children, Child Actor, Birthday Date, Net Worth

Aaliya Shah

× × × Aaliya Shah Aaliya Shah is (Born. in 1981) a well-known Senior journalist, TV Anchor, columnist, Author as well as YouTube of Pakistan. Mrs. Shah has been a journalist, and TV Anchor of the famous news channels Geo News, and PTV (Government Channel) since approximately 2003. However, the Anchor doing freelance for the … Read more

Arif Aajakia: Wikipedia, Nationality, Hindu, Mayor, Contact Number, Biography, Girlfriend, Wife, Age, Net Worth

× × × Arif Aajakia The Arif Aajakia is (Born. 1968) a Businessman, Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Social-Human Activist as well as a former Pakistani Politician. As, he raised the voice on his YouTube Channel or at ground level in Jeneva, United Nation, London, Paris and so on, for the prosecuted peoples of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Pak … Read more

Nomad Shubham, Biography, Girlfriend, Age, YouTuber, Wiki, Net Worth

× × × Nomad Shubham The Nomad Shubham Age, Biography, Girlfriend etc. (Originally known Shubham Kumar) is a quite famous YouTuber Worldwide Travel Vlogger. Who started the Travel Vlogging in August 2019, when he was just a 17th Years Old Boy. And suddenly became popular in just a one or two years. The Vlogger videos … Read more

Arzoo Kazmi: Age, Wikipedia, Lives In, Biography, Date of Birth, Family, Boyfriend, Husband Name, Children, YouTuber, Pakistani Journalist, Instagram, Twitter, Net Worth

Arzoo Kazmi

× × × Arzoo Kazmi Arzoo Kazmi, Age Husband, Biography, etc. (Born. 1st Feb 1980s) is a Pakistani YouTuber, Anchor, Columnist as well as a journalist. Who’s worked as an Anchor and reporter on some of Pakistan’s news channels. Such as PTV, Geo News, etc. But the journalist currently runs a YouTube Channel by her … Read more