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Nazia Elahi Khan

Nazia Elahi Khan
Credits: Nazia Elahi Khan (Insta.)

The Nazia Elahi Khan (Born. 23rd Oct 1988) is the very young senior lawyer of Supreme Court of India, former spoke person of TMC and current Bengal BJP spoke person.

The Elahi is kind, a very straight forward, right wing (Before Secular, Liberals, left etc. during the time in TMC as a worker, or spoke person), Nationalist person. Just because of this, the used to critics by the others point of views occasionally.

Who used to present the facts over Political Ideology, Religious-National, Social Issues (recently shares the views of Seema Haider. And, who had crossed the border illegally to meet the Boyfriend, Sachin Meena) on the Individual’s YouTube Channels.

For instances, Amber Zaidi Officials, Anju Pankaj, The Alternate Media and even on the Pakistani Channels like Ribaha Imran, Nimra Ahmed and so on.

Moreover, started to featured on the most watched Indian News Television Channels like Times Now Navabharat, Zee News, and local West Bengal News Channels etc. to present the Party line, Ideology at a national level.

Nazia making statement
Credits: The Nazia (Insta.)
Nazia making statement
Credits: The Nazia (Insta.)

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Personal Life

Name:Nazia Elahi KhanThe Nazia in the Car
Occupation:Spoke Person of BJP and TMC (formerly), Indian Supreme Court Advocate
Educational Qualifications:Bachelor of Arts, (B.A. L.L.B.)
Date of Birth:23rd Oct 1988
Place of Birth:West Bengal, India
Hometown:West Bengal, India
Dad/Mom:(Name not known)
Siblings:Brother’s: N/A, Sister’s: 2, one is older & second younger (Name not known)
Husband:Widows, (Name not known)
Children’s:Daughter’s: N/A, Son’s: 1 (Name not known)Nazia with son

Nazia Elahi Khan, Husband

The Elahi is kind, a very young woman. Even at the age of 34th to 35th years old due to exercises, gym, yoga, dieting personal level caring etc.

The Nazia during clicking selfie
Credits: The Nazia (Insta.)

Besides, the husband of the Elahi is currently no more, unfortunately about 14th to 15th years ago just after the ‘Nikaah’ of past 3rd months.

When she got pregnant for 3rd months. And currently Elahi is a widow, or single woman. Along with, raising the 13th years old baby boy as a single mother proudly.

Nazia with son
Credits: The Nazia (Insta.)
Nazia with son
Credits: The Nazia (Insta.)

However, In an Interview, the Elahi has said that maybe in future will try to tie the knot only with the Sanatan Religion followers, or Indian Army Officers.

Nazia Elahi Khan Family

The Elahi Khan comes from the east part of India, West Bengal but her ancestors were rooted from the north part of India and settled down to Bengal following years ago.

Nazia Elahi Khan
Credits: The Nazia (Insta.)

Anyway the Elahi did Born and completed their study of 10th, 12th, or Graduations, or B.A. LLB and practicing in Supreme Court of India. And, got married at the early age of around 18th or 19th years old Girl.

The Nazia Outside of Supreme Court
Credits: Nazia Elahi Khan (Insta.)

But got widow after 3rd months of ‘Nikaah’ and was the pregnant at the same time. Further, gave the birth of baby boy (Name not known) who is 13th years old now as of 2023.

Nazia Elahi Khan
Credits: The Nazia (Insta.)

Moreover, she has a Dad/Mom (Name not known). And the Elahi has an older sister (Civil Engineer) and younger one, Mechanical Engineer (again name not known, as there’s no data available on publicly). Along with no brother in the siblings.

Physical Appearances
Eyes Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Height:‘5’4 (1.63 m)’Nazia Elahi Khan
Weight:62nd Kilograms
Body Figure:36-24-36Nazia Elahi Khan
Age:35th Years Old
Favorite Things
Actors:Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff
Actress:Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra
Political Inclinations:Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), TMC (Formerly)
Politicians:Sri. Yogi Adityanath, CM (UP), Sri. Narendra Modi, PM (India), Smt. Mamata Banerjee (Formerly)
Travel Places:Mumbai, New Delhi
Nazia Elahi Khan, Net Worth

The well-known senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India. And former TMC and currently BJP spoke person has made a position in the Social Media. Or Electronic Media and Print Media for a few years.

The Nazia during campaign
Credits: The Nazia (Insta.)

However, once take a look at the Net Worth of the Elahi. Then It would be approx 1 million to 1.5 million USD Dollars including other sources of Income.

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