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Sajid Tarar

Sajid Tarar
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The Sajid Tarar (Born. 12th Aug 1973) is the reputed advocate, socio-religious commentator, and the member of the large political 'Republican Party' of the United States of America.

As Mr. Tarar known for the right wing and extreme nationalist view. Whether, it is in the USA or Pakistan (Where they actually belong to).

Further, and just because of this, he has been a supporter of the Mr. Donald Trump till 2016 to 2020 (Former president of the USA). Along with, the Indian Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi's commitment to grow the country and become the superpower.

And, usually they recommended the Pakistani government to learn at least from the India of how they are growing. Whether, it is in the economies, Technology, Agriculture sector, strong government and so on & on.

By participant in the known Indian, Pakistani's YouTube Channels like Arzoo Kazmi, Aditi Tyagi Official, Naila Shaila Rection, Dr. Qamar Cheema etc. and in the Pakistani Main Stream Media Also.

Personal Life

Name:Sajid Tarar
Occupation:Advocate, Politicians, Businessman, Investor
School/College:University of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Educational Qualification:Graduate in L.L.B.
Nationality:American, Pakistani
Date of Bith:23rd August 1973
Place of Birth:Lahore, Punjab, India
Hometown:Lahore, Punjab, India
Dad:Late. Mr. Sadik TararSadik Tarar
Mom:Late. Mrs. Tarar
Siblings:Brother's: 1 (Name not known), Sister's: (N/A)
Wife:Mrs. Tarar
Children's:Son: Fateh TararFateh Tarar, Daughter's: (N/A)

Sajid Tarar Age

The Tarar is kind, a very old lookwise. Maybe because of loss of his hair completely. And it is normal to lose the hair (as it is only happened with the Men only, rarely you will see the Woman losing the hair, (just kidding)) being a guy.

Sajid Tarar
Credits: Sajid Tarar (fb.)

Anyway, if analyze the actual age of Politician, Advocate Mr. Tarar. Then it would be approx. 50th years old as per the 2023.

Sajid Tarar Family

The Tarar comes from Pakistani elite class, privilege, intellectual family and has the law background. As his Grand Dad and Dad (Late. Mr. Sadik Tarar) has also been the reputed advocate of the Pakistan.

Sajid Tarar
Credits: Sajid Tarar (fb.)

And, Mr. Tarar is also the well-educated personality same like the ancestors. And, completed the initial study from the Punjab, Pakistan. Further, shifted to the USA to grab the L.L.B. Degree to be the advocate and practicing there for a long.

Moreover, the Tarar has the beautiful Wife and Daughter's (Name not known), who got married few months ago. And, Son Fateh Tarar as there's no data available in the public.

The Advocate taking bath with son Fateh Tarar
Credits: Sajid Tarar (fb.)
Physical Appearances
Eyes Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black (Before), Bald (Now)
Height:'5'9 (1.75 m)'
Weight:120 Kilograms
Body figure:Chest: 56th Inch, Waist: 46th Inch, Biceps: 24th Inch
Age:50th years old
Favorite Things
Political Inclinations:Republican PartyWhile political campaign in 2020
Politicians:Mr. Donald Trump (Former USA President)The Advocate with former USA President Trump, Sri. Narendra Modi (Indian Prime Minister, Dr. S Jaishankar (Former Diplomat and current Foreign Minister of India)
Travel Places:New York, London, Dubai
Foods/Cuisines:Cow, Buffalo (Beef), Pizza, Burger
News Papers:The Guardian, New York Times, The Dawn, The Times of India
Sajid Tarar Net Worth

The Tarar is the senior advocate of the High Court of the United States of America. At the same time, well-known politician from the right wing, nationalist Republic Party side.

Celebrating Meri Christmas
Credits: Sajid Tarar (fb.)

Anyway, if analyze the net worth of the Tarar. Then it would be approx 100k to 150k USD Dollars including other sources of Income like Businesses, Investments etc.

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