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Qamar Cheema

Qamar Cheema
Credits: Qamar Cheema (Insta.)

The Qamar Cheema (Born. 27th January) is the Professor, Debater, Speaker, and popular YouTuber of reputed country of the Pakistan. Where, used to cover the latest topics and discuss on YouTube Channel.

Furthermore, mostly seen to be presenting the point of view as a panelist of his country on Indian News Channels like Republic Bharat, Aaj Tak, News18 India, Zee News, ABP News, India TV and so on & on.

Participating in Debate
Credits: Qamar Cheema (Insta.)
In Debate
Credits: Qamar Cheema (Insta.)

Anyway, Mr. Cheema is kind of a cool guy to get shown in the Media. But when it comes to security, reputation of the Pakistan, he used to lose his temper. And, getting started to abuse the fellow panelists during the debate, or discussion on live show.

There's an incident happened, where he abused the Tarek Fateh brutally on News Channel debate show about 5th years ago to defend the country Pakistan. And, many more incidents happened in between years.

Besides, he runs a YouTube Channel with own name 'Qamar Cheema' since 2 years ago. Where he used to discuss Geo-Politics, Trade, Finance, Security, Pakistani Army, Politician, Politics between India-Pakistan by the guest like Major. Gaurav Aarya, Arzoo Kazmi, Ishtiq Ahmed, Sajid Tarar etc. on the daily basis.

With the friend
Credits: Qamar Cheema (Insta.)

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Personal Life

Name:Qamar Cheema
Occupation:Professor, YouTuber, Debater, Speaker
Educational Qualification:Graduate, P.h. D
Date of Birth:in 1985s
Place of Birth:Punjab, Pakistan
Hometown:Punjab, Pakistan
Siblings:Sister's: N/A, Brother's: 1 (Name not Known)
Children's:Not Yet

Qamar Cheema age

The Cheema is kind of chubby, short guy with the weight of approx. 100 Kilograms. However, if we look at the age of the YouTuber. Well, there's no such data available regarding in the Public. But if we see the personality of the guy and guess then it would be around 38th years old in 2023 on board.

Qamar Cheema
Credits: Mr. Cheema (Insta.)

Qamar Cheema family

Well, Mr. Cheema, Pakistani born, belong to such a privilege family background. Who, recently completed the P.HD and shifted the name Dr. Qamar Cheema. Where, before, was the Qamar Cheema only.

However, if we look at the family of Mr. Cheema, like Wife, Mom, Dad, Children's, Brother, Sister, and cousin sister. Then there's no such data we have found in the public forum regarding.

Cheema with mom
Credits: Mr. Cheema (Insta.)
Physical Appearances
Eyes Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Weight:Approx. 100 Kilograms
Height:'5'3 (1.6 m)'
Body Figure:Chest – 52 Inches, Waist – 48 Inches, and Biceps – 22 Inches
Age:Approx. 38th yrs.
Favorite Things
Political Party:Pakistan People's Part (PPP), Pakistan Muslim League 'Nawaz' (PMLn)
Politician:Nawaz Sharif, Parwez Musharaf, Benazir Bhutto, Imran Khan
Foods/Cuisines:Cow-Buffalo Beef, Biryani, Burger, Pizza
Qamar Cheema Net Worth

The Cheema is kind a popular on growing personalities, YouTuber in India-Pakistan. Who's YouTube Videos mostly gets views from India as well as Pakistan and some percent from rest of the world. In which including the United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Australia, South Africa etc.

However, if we look at the earning on the basis of views he's getting from these countries. Then it would be approx 300k to 400k monthly in Pakistani Rupees. In addition, 4th to 4.5th million annually including the other sources of Income like sponsorship, brand promotions, merchandise etc. [If he gets to it].

Clicking photo
Credits: Mr. Cheema (Insta.)

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