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Sana Amjad

Sana Amjad
Credits: Sana Amjad (Instagram)

The Sana Amjad (Born. 90s) is the popular YouTuber as well as Journalist of Pakistan. Who worked as a sport reporter in Ohio and former programmer host in Urdu Point and Jaag Tv CNBC, Aab Takk and so on & on. Along with, currently runs a YouTube Channel with own name 'Sana Amjad'.

Where, she covers the issues of India-Pakistan relationship of trade, people-to-people connect, both country government conflict, Boys/Girls, Men's/Women's affairs, marriage.

Sana in Public
Credits: Sana Amjad (Instagram)

And Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and Indian Kashmir issues, underrepresented groups right in Pakistan on her YouTube Channel. But, she used to get accused by others social media personalities of being fake social activist or didn't implement it on the ground.

As, didn't pay attention when the underrepresented groups right, 150th years old temple destroyed by infringe element few months ago or many more incident like this in Pakistan. In order to take back the Seema Haider (Who's illegally entered into India to meet her lover cum Husband Sachin Singh).

However, the YouTuber/Journalist recently came in the controversy, or news in Pakistan, India. When she alleged that the Ribaha Imran, Shoaib Chaudhary, Nimra Ahmed etc. covering the same issues what I have done this before for few years ago, and it still continues on my channel.

In results, made the lots of controversy on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. in both countries. As a result, the Ribaha (YouTuber) had lost the numbers of followers and growth of her YouTube Channel.

Does Sana Amjad Had S*X with Brother?

Well, When it comes to got married or have an S*X relationship with the Brother. Then, the country she belongs to, it is normal to get in these processes.

As We have the example of popular Former Cricketer Shahid Afridi. He had also married to his own cousin Sister, and get the 6th or 7th children's out of it.

But in the Sana Amjad cases there's nothing like that. As she didn't have pre or post S*X relationship with her cousin Brother. Following married to her current Husband, Umer Khan.

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Personal Life

Name:Sana Amjad
Occupation:Journalists, YouTuber
Educational Qualifications:Graduation in Journalism
Place of Birth:Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Hometown:Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Date of Birth:5th November
Siblings:Brother's: N/A, Sister's: N/A
Boyfriends/Affairs:Umer Khan
Husband's:Umer Khan
Children's:Son's: Azlan Khan, Daughter's: N/AThe Sana's Son

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Sana Amjad Age

The Sana is one of the beautiful, flabbergasted journalist of the reputed country Pakistan. Who's maintain her figure like a movie star. However. If we look at the age of the journalist, then it would be around 28th years old as far as 2023 concern.

The YouTuber
Credits: Sana Amjad (Instagram)
Sana Amjad's Husband

The YouTuber/Journalist belongs to well family background. Who seeks the higher education from college/universities of Punjab, Pakistan. Following that, got married to known guy, Mr. Umer Khan. Later on, blessed with a baby boy a few years ago.

The Sana's Husband
Credits: Sana Amjad (Instagram)
Miss. Sana Age, Height, Weight, Measurements!
Eyes Color:Brown
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Height:'5'3 (1.6 m)'
Weight:65th Kilograms
Body Figures:Boobs: 36th Inch, belly: 26th Inch, Waist: 36th Inch
Age:28th Years Old
The YouTuber Net Worth

She is one of the popular YouTuber among (Ribaha, Shoaib, Nimara etc.) in Pakistan. Who's owns the close to 1 million subscribers on her YouTube Channel and gets the millions views monthly against the Videos.

Sana Amjad
Credits: Sana Amjad (Instagram)

Besides, if we analyze the monthly income of the YouTuber, then it would be approx 1 million Pakistani Rupees. And, 12 millions net worth as far as annual income concern including other source of Income like brand promotion, sponsorship, and merchandise etc.

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