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Shoaib Chaudhary

Shoaib Chaudhary
Credits: Shoaib Chaudhary (Instagram)

The Shoaib Chaudhary (Born. 90s) is the known Pakistani YouTuber cum local self-claimed journalist since few years ago. Who basically cover the crucial topics of underrepresented groups rights in Pakistan.

Who face the discrimination on the basis of their belief. Which is unfortunately happened with the underrepresented groups (Christians, Sikhs, Shia's, Ahmedi's, Hindus etc.) in majority Sunni Muslims in Pakistan.

Along with, discuss or debate with another Pakistani YouTuber or Journalist Arzoo Kazmi and other Indian social media personality on the relation between two countries India-Pakistan. Moreover, social issues, society problems and so on & on

The YouTuber in studio
Credits: Shoaib Chaudhary (Instagram)

Besides, the YouTuber came in the controversy or news. When the Sana Ahmed (YouTuber) alleged the Mr. Chaudhary, Ribaha Imran or Nimra Ahmed, covering the same issues with her style of what she was doing for a long before.

However, Mr. Chaudhary replied to her by making the video on his channel that you are a totally fake personality. Who always talk about the underrepresented groups rights and India-Pakistan relationship. But, you do not even care or implement it on the Ground.

As, if you don't know, let me tell you. There's an unfortunate incident happened in Pakistanis Hindus Temple in Karachi, Pakistan. Where infringe element, destroy the 150th years old temple in order to take back the Seema Haider (who's actually enter India illegally to meet her lover Sachin Singh).

Anyway, the Chaudhary visit to the cities and encourage the local Pakistani Hindus to raise or protest in a peace way. So that, the government takes an action against the culprit and restore the 150th years old Hindus Temple.

Shoaib Chaudhary
Credits: Shoaib Chaudhary (Instagram)

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Personal Life

Name:Shoaib Chaudhary
Profession:YouTuber, Videos Creator
School/College:University of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Educational Qualifications:Graduation
Place of Birth:Punjab, Pakistan
Hometown:Punjab, Pakistan
Date of Birth:In 90s
Dad/Mom:Mr. & Mrs. Chaudhary
Siblings:Brother's: N/A, Sister's: 2. (Name not known)
Girlfriends/Affairs:Sana Amjad, YouTuber (Rumor)
Children's:Not Yet

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Shoaib Chaudhary, YouTuber Age

The Chaudhary is quite young and maintain himself like a Pakistani Film Heroes. Like set hair, shaped face, neck owns the best western outfits etc. However, if we talk about the Age of the YouTuber, then there's no such data available in the Public. But if we guess, so then he would be close to 30th years old in current 2023.

Shoaib Chaudhary
Credits: Shoaib Chaudhary (Instagram)
Physical Appearances
Eyes Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Height:'5'5 (1.65 m)'
Weight:58th Kilogram
Body Measurements:Chest: 40th Inch, Waist: 34th Inch, Biceps: 14th Inch
Age:Approx. 28th Years Old
The Chaudhary Usually Do's Or Don't
Watching Movie:Occasionally
Favorite Things
Actors:Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan
Actress:Deepika Padukone, Somy Ali
Travel Places:Dubai, Paris, London
Political Inclination:Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI)
Politician:Imran Khan, Former Prime Minister (Pakistan)
Foods/Cuisines:Cow, Buffalo (Beef), Biryani, Pizza, Burger
The YouTuber Net Worth

The YouTuber is quite popular in the Pakistanis youths and Pakistan along with India or any other Urdu/Hindi-speaking Pakistani or Indians. And, it is growing day by day, the way he is covering the Issues of underrepresented groups in Pakistan and good relations between India-Pakistan.

The YouTuber
Credits: Shoaib Chaudhary (Instagram)

However, if we look at the monthly Income of the YouTuber, then it would be approx 3rd to 4th lacks Pakistani Rupees. Along with, Net Worth 35th to 40th Pakistani Rupees including other sources of Income like brand promotions, merchandise etc.

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